Balcony & terrace planting


A pure mineral substrate

A well-tended garden, a planted roof, attractive flowerbeds and flourishing house plants – with Liadrain and Liaflor, planted areas can be optimally cared for and supplied with water and nutrients both indoors and outdoors.
Clay is baked and expanded at a temperature of 1,200 °C using a special process. After this, the expanded clay aggregate is sieved and mechanically fragmented. The Liapor substrate is chemically neutral, absolutely free of germinable weed seeds and regenerative plant material. It is frostproof, non-flammable and resistant to hydrolysis, soil solutions and microorganisms. Its open-pored structure means that it can store over 76 percent of its dry weight as water. The balanced distribution of granule sizes ensures outstanding soil-air content even when the ground is saturated.

Liadrain – for professional roof planting and outdoor installations

Both for new projects and for the renovation of existing planted areas, the best results are achieved when Liadrain is incorporated into the mix. This is due to the improvement of the soil structure, the aeration of the roots and the regulation of the water balance. Liadrain is a crushed expanded clay product for professional roof planting and landscaping projects. In single-layer structures, Liadrain can be used as a vegetation and drainage layer, whereas in multilayer constructions, it forms a drainage layer which also contributes to water retention. Liadrain® has been tested by the research company Landschaftsentwicklung Landschaftsbau e.V. (FLL) and complies with its guidelines for mineral fills for drainage courses and vegetation substrates for single-layer extensive landscaping. Liadrain® can be delivered as a loose fill as well as in "Big Bags" or foil sacks. When Liadrain® is delivered by silo wagon and blown onto the roof via flexible hose, it is possible to achieve considerable time and cost savings compared to bag or sack delivery – even when handling smaller volumes. Liadrain is available in the grain sizes S (2–6 mm) and L (4–10 mm).

Liaflor – for hydroponics, balcony and terrace plants

Liaflor natural clay granules promote healthy plant growth and are versatile in use. Thus, for example, Liaflor provides ideal drainage for indoor and terrace plants. Liaflor absorbs excess moisture, stores it and releases it again when the plants need it. The clay granules also guarantee adequate aeration and thus prevent waterlogging and mould. At the same time, Liaflor minimizes the risk of the plants drying out and they can be left for an extended period without being watered. Due to its high water storage capacity, Liaflor is also the ideal substrate for easy-to-maintain hydroponic projects. Liaflor is available in a range of grain sizes for different types of application. However, it is possible to use all the grain sizes for all the different applications. What is more, the different grain sizes can be mixed together. We have developed the following recommendations for first-time users of the material:

  • 15-25 mm for planting larger pots (as of approx. 25 cm diameter) on terraces or outdoors.
  • 8-16 mm for planting medium-sized pots (12-19 cm diameter, larger containers ground containers (1-2 square metres).
  • 4-8 mm for growing young plants or seedlings as well as for planting table-top containers. 1-4 mm for sowing seeds and planting seedlings in small pots (5-7 cm diameter) as well as for small decorative indoor planted areas.


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