Indoor planting/hydroponics


Healthy plant growth

Liaflor's exceptional water retention capacities make it ideal for easy-to-maintain hydroponic projects. The regular repotting of plants when the season changes or the plants outgrow their old pots is child's play with Liaflor. The natural clay granules promote healthy plant growth and are versatile in use. They absorb and store excess moisture and release it again when the plants need it. Liaflor also guarantees adequate aeration and in this way prevents waterlogging and mould. At the same time, it minimizes the risk of the plants drying out and they can be left unwatered for an extended time

Getting your Liaflor hydroponic project underway

Before using it for the first time, thoroughly rinse and water the Liaflor. Then fill the pot half-way with Liaflor. Place the plant in the pot and evenly distribute the roots over the clay. Please note: To achieve a pure hydroponic environment, there must not be any soil residue on the plant's roots – you should ideally only use cultivated plants or plants intended for hydroponic growth. When the plant is in place, fill the pot with Liaflor and place it in the water container. Frequent watering is no longer necessary. After watering for the first time (up to water level 1), the plant's water needs can be monitored at the water level indicator.

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