Prefabricated parts


Other prefabricated parts

Stairways, balcony parapets, garages, frost barriers, fire protection panels and supporting panels: Liapor's prefabricated components are suitable for many different applications. Thanks to their low weight and high dimensional accuracy, logistics and on-site installation are particularly economical.

Lightweight and slender

Prefabricated stairway elements made from Liapor lightweight concrete are perfect for structures erected using Liapor materials. Their light weight saves transport costs and ensures straightforward installation at the building site. This also applies to the prefabricated balcony parapet panels, which are also available in particularly slender designs with large overhangs. As durable components that are securely protected against all environmental and weather conditions, they can be used to replace old parapets or in new balcony systems.

Ease of handling

Liapor prefabricated garages made from high-density Liapor lightweight concrete are also considerably lighter than normal concrete garages, making logistics and on-site erection significantly more cost-effective. The lightweight concrete walls are also particularly easy to work with during installation. At the same time, any piping, cabling or other equipment can be prepared for through high-precision cut-outs provided ex works or can be permanently embedded in the wall. Frost barriers made from high-density Liapor lightweight concrete panels protect against damage due to frost and cold weather. In the case of structures with flat foundations and no cellar space below, these are arranged around the base plate or building supports. However, they have also proved to be exceptionally useful as boundary elements for bulk materials poured to the side of the base.

Combining safety with an attractive appearance

Liapor's fire protection panels provide effective protection against fire. These possess fire resistance class A1 and, as full-area wall and ceiling cladding or as cable or other ducting, they reliably ensure safety in road tunnels, underpasses or in commercial or industrial buildings. Liapor supporting panels for facade surfaces round off the portfolio of prefabricated parts. The lightweight panels are permanently bonded to the required surface materials and give any building a completely new appearance in the blink of an eye. The possible surfaces include natural stone, glass, fibre-reinforced sandwich board and even photovoltaic elements.

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