Energy-efficiency with Liapor insulating concrete


The "maison art" architectural house in St. Erhard, Switzerland

The optimum mix consisted of Liapor insulating concrete with a grain size of 0/8 millimetres with F3 4/8 millimetres and Liaver expanded glass 1-4 millimetres. Portland cement, fly ash, plasticizers, air-entraining agents and stabilizing agents were also used. The Liapor insulating concrete used for the Sigrist structure possesses strength class LC8/9 and provides a very high level of insulation thanks to a Lambda value of 0.32 W/mK. It was therefore not necessary to use additional thermal protection for the building's external walls.

Construction data

Client: Urs Sigrist
Realization of concreting works: Birrer Bauunternehmung AG in Knuttwil