Bridge building with expanded clay fill


Bridge building, Kempten

The substrate consists of a basin filled with a silt-sand and clay-silt deposit of approximately 50 metres in depth and has a correspondingly restricted load-bearing capacity. The requirements in terms of structural stability were therefore very high during the construction of the bridge, in particular at the areas between the bridge abutment and the embankment. That is why approximately 1,000 cubic metres of Liapor expanded clay fill with a grain size of 8-16 millimetres and a bulk density of some 300 kg/m³ were used on each side. This reduced the weight on either side of the bridge by approximately 1,300 tonnes.

Construction data

Developer: Amt für Tiefbau und Verkehr, Kempten
Realization: Xaver Lutzenberger GmbH & Co. KG, Pfaffenhausen