Ideal force distribution thanks to Liapor backfill


Newly constructed Bosch Development Centre, Abstatt

A total of approximately 1,700 cubic metres of Liapor expanded clay with a grain size of 4 to 8 millimetres was used to backfill the new Bosch Development Centre in Abstatt. As a self-compacting filling material, the Liapor expanded clay granules distribute the forces bearing on them evenly and reduce the earth pressure by a factor of 2 to 3 compared with conventional subsoils. This load reduction is due to the material's low dry bulk density of approximately 350 kg/m³ and the relatively high rigidity of the expanded clay grain with its fine, even pore structure. This gives the Liapor spheres the necessary stability of form, eliminating any subsequent compression.

Construction data

Client: Robert Bosch GmbH