Insulating concrete

Heat-insulating concrete

Perfect acoustic protection

Bonded levelling fill evens out considerable differences in height and is suitable for the production of stable layers. Binding agents such as cement prevent the subsequent settling or compacting of the layer.
Cement-bonded Liapor fills such as Liapor heat-insulating concrete provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, for example when used in solid or arched floors, and guarantee a secure, stable, light substrate for all subsequent flooring structures. On the one hand, the internal structure of the air-filled pores of the expanded clay helps prevent the transmission of noise while, on the other, the no-fines structure of the bonded Liapor fill absorbs sound.

Below a screed

When used under a floating screed, Liapor heat-insulating concrete helps absorb the sound of footfall while also compensating for unevenness and ensuring optimum thermal insulation values. Thanks to this bonded levelling fill, the screed can be applied evenly to a perfectly level surface. This prevents the appearance of the cracks which can form when screeds of different thicknesses are left to dry. In addition, this bonded levelling fill is very lightweight and offers impressive load-bearing capabilities. During renovation operations, this means that the floor level can be raised to the required height without exceeding the building’s load-bearing values. Even when applied in thick layers, Liapor heat-insulating concrete permanently retains its shape.


This bonded levelling fill is simple and intuitive to use. Between 150 and 200 kilograms of cement are sufficient to solidify one cubic metre of Liapor. When mixing with water, it is important not to leave the Liapor heat-insulating concrete dry and "thirsty". At the same time, too much water will separate the cement from the Liapor granules. After the fill has been applied, it simply has to be levelled off with a straight-edge or further compacted with a float. In less than an hour, the insulating concrete starts to set. And after only 24 hours, it can be walked on. Any follow-up work can be performed quickly and without any lengthy waits.


This bonded levelling fill offers a wealth of advantages for conversions, extensions and new constructions. It can be use as a bonded fill for solid floors, timber beam floors (e.g. overfills at the beam positions), floor slabs for cellars, and arched ceilings. However, Liapor heat-insulating concrete can also be used to even out gradients under terraces and balconies, as a reinforcing, insulating cavity fill in timber-frame constructions, as sloped insulation for flat roofs or as a substrate for tiled or stoneware floor coverings.

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