Insulating concrete

What is 'high-density' lightweight concrete

Ideal for engineering structures

The many different outstanding properties of Liapor lightweight concrete make it a multi-faceted, versatile building material. It optimizes the advantages of normal concrete in terms of density, strength and thermal insulation. It provides a quick and easy way of realizing modern building projects.

Enhanced thermal insulation

In Liapor lightweight concrete with a closed structure or Liapor structural lightweight concrete, the proportion of compaction voids is from 1 to 2 percent. There is a basic relationship between bulk density and thermal insulation: the lower the bulk density, the better the thermal insulation. The thermal insulating properties can be further boosted by adding special types of sand. Here again, Liapor has the solution: Using Liapor sand instead of natural sand makes it possible to reduce thermal conductivity by over 50 percent. Structural lightweight concrete is suitable, for example, for the construction of elegant, wide-span bridges

High up

The excellent properties of structural lightweight concrete come from Liapor's lightweight expanded clay spheres that excel thanks to their closed surface. This lightweight additive gives the lightweight concrete its low intrinsic weight. This makes high-density lightweight concrete particularly suitable for the construction of elegant, wide-span bridges and slender apartment blocks, as well as for the manufacture of lightweight prefabricated parts.

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