Civil engineering

Using Liapor's versatile building materials, it is possible to realize a very wide range of construction projects professionally and efficiently.

The wide range of products offers the right mineral-based solution for practically any civil engineering project: whether in the field of road-making, structural engineering or bridge-building. Liapor permits the perfect insulation of building foundations. It also excels through its efficiency of application and use. In particular when the load-bearing capacity of the subsoil is poor, Liapor geofills ensure optimum stability and long-lasting strength in road-making applications. When it comes to bridge-building, Liapor lightweight concrete not only offers the strength of a normal concrete but also permits particularly fast application.

The advantages of Liapor's material:

  • Natural ceramic material that is perfect for use
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Manufactured in a closed production cycle with no waste
  • Weather-resistant (frost and heat)
  • Low bulk density, simple handling, durable
  • Trouble-free, ecological recycling
  • During production, a small amount of clay yields a large quantity of material (1 m3 clay = 5 m3 Liapor)

Selected references

Bridge building with expanded clay fill


High-speed road construction with Liapor geofills


Ideal force distribution thanks to Liapor backfill