Filter Media

With its filter media Liaperl and Liaqua, Liapor is making an important contribution to improving the water and air quality in purification and percolation plants. Both products ensure a reduced contaminant load.

The biofiltration of waste water makes it possible to use microorganisms to clean waste water of contaminants. In large-scale purification plants in particular, the Liaperl expanded clay spheres provide an ideal substrate for colonization by microbes, which filter the waste water and liberate it from nitrogen and phosphates. With Liaqua, Liapor provides the optimum solution for exhaust air purification. In biofilters, bio-scrubbers and percolating filters, microorganisms are able to reproduce on the expanded clay spheres. They absorb and break down contaminants, cleaning the exhaust air as they do so.

The advantages of Liapor's material:

  • Natural ceramic material that is perfect for use
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Manufactured in a closed production cycle with no waste
  • Weather-resistant (frost and heat)
  • Low bulk density, simple handling, durable
  • Trouble-free, ecological recycling
  • During production, a small amount of clay yields a large quantity of material (1 m3 clay = 5 m3 Liapor)

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