Structural engineering

Whether in the new construction or renovation sector, detached houses or apartment blocks - thanks to the many different applications of its products, Liapor can respond to all the different architectural demands in the structural engineering sector.

When you build, you build for life. This makes it all the more important to choose the right construction materials. The use of high-quality Liapor building materials ensures a comfortable living environment and outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation.

The advantages of Liapor's material:

  • Natural ceramic material that is perfect for use
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Manufactured in a closed production cycle with no waste
  • Weather-resistant (frost and heat)
  • Low bulk density, simple handling, durable
  • Trouble-free, ecological recycling
  • During production, a small amount of clay yields a large quantity of material (1 m3 clay = 5 m3 Liapor)

Selected references

The two faces of an efficiency-standard house


High-density lightweight concrete to bring out the details


Facade with symbolic effect