Naturally pure and approximately 180 million years old – Liassic clay forms the high-quality basic material for Liapor blocks. In Liapor's production facility, the natural raw material is mixed and baked at approximately 1,200 °C. This process burns off the organic content and the clay expands. The weight, size and strength of the air-entrained material can be precisely controlled in the technically sophisticated production process. The result is a natural high-performance material that provides outstanding properties despite its low weight.


Liapor SL-Plus

Ideal protection against wind and weather

Liapor SL-Plan

The solid block with integrated thermal insulation

Liapor Super-K-Plus-Plan

The high-strength flat block with added thermal resistance

Liapor Compact

Build economically, live comfortably

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An owner takes stock


Industrial building with outstanding indoor comfort


The two faces of an efficiency-standard house