Liapor SL-Plan

Filled and surface-ground

Liapor also supplies Liapor SL as a flat block variant. Here again, the chambers are filled with a mineral insulating material in order to further improve the already excellent insulating properties of Liapor's lightweight concrete blocks. An optimally harmonized thin-bed mortar is available for the surface-ground masonry blocks and is used to "glue" the individual layers of blocks together. Because the thin-bed join is only between one and three millimetres thick, the result is a robust, single-skin and even more homogeneous masonry wall that is structurally optimized to provide the best possible thermal insulation values. Filled with Isokern 50, Liapor SL-Plan achieves the sensational value of 0.09 W/(m K).

Exceptionally cost-effective

Houses built using Liapor SL-Plan bring together all the advantages of Liapor's pure mineral solutions. Not only do these solid-walled houses maintain their value exceptionally well and comply with the most exacting fire resistance class, they are also extremely cost-effective during their construction. On the one hand, the single-skin construction method accelerates the building work and, on the other, the flat-block variant further reduces working times. The particularly rational handling capabilities with thin-bed mortar layers, tongue-in-groove interlocking butt-joints and the very lightweight Liapor SL-Plan material ensure that work moves forward rapidly on-site.

Easy to handle

With its rough surface and low absorbency, Liapor SL-Plan provides an excellent surface for plastering. Like all Liapor lightweight concrete blocks, Liapor SL-Plan can be worked easily with conventional drilling, sawing and grinding tools. The stable, solid outer skin can accept all types of fixtures. Nails and dowels are held firmly in place.


Liapor SL-Plus

Ideal protection against wind and weather

Liapor SL-Plan

The solid block with integrated thermal insulation

Liapor Super-K-Plus-Plan

The high-strength flat block with added thermal resistance

Liapor Compact

Build economically, live comfortably

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