A well-tended garden, a green roof, attractive flowerbeds and flourishing house plants - with Liadrain and Liaflor, planted areas can be optimally cared for and supplied with water and nutrients both indoors and outdoors.

Growth problems in trees, shrubs or indoor plants are often due to inadequate aeration and water provision at the roots. Both for new projects and for the renovation of existing planted areas, the best results are achieved when Liadrain (for roof and outdoor planting) and Liaflor (for indoor planting) are incorporated into the mix due to the improvement of the soil structure and the regulation of the water balance.

The advantages of Liapor's material:

  • Natural ceramic material that is perfect for use
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Manufactured in a closed production cycle with no waste
  • Weather-resistant (frost and heat)
  • Low bulk density, simple handling, durable
  • Trouble-free, ecological recycling
  • During production, a small amount of clay yields a large quantity of material (1 m3 clay = 5 m3 Liapor)

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