Roof planting with Liadrain


Maxtorhof, Nuremberg

Roof planting with 2000 m3 Liadrain 3 (4/8 mm): A modern office and commercial building has arisen in Nuremberg city centre on the former Schwan-Stabilo production site. The building complex includes an underground car park. Above this, the 1,500 m2 of planted inner courtyard acts as the complex's core, offering peace and relaxation. Planting was performed in two stages: Late 2000 and late 2001. Liapor's Liadrain solution is used as the base substrate for the planted areas and walkways. This product not only possesses high water storage capabilities. The fact that it is very lightweight, thus limiting the load on the underground car park, is another important benefit.

Construction data

Client: Bilfinger & Berger Projektentwicklung GmbH, Mannheim
Planner: Landschaftsarchitektin Heidi Lehner, Nuremberg
Plant substrate: Optigrün, Krauchenwies
Realization: Roth Garten- und Landschaftsbau, Schwaig