Special applications

Whether in aquariums or terrariums, in the form of furniture or as supporting plates for facade surfaces - Liapor is the natural, environmentally responsible and efficient way to get to grips with special applications.

Liapor permits a versatile range of applications and can be used in many other fields apart from civil and structural engineering. Thanks to their pore structure, Liapor spheres have both extremely good thermal insulating and heat storage properties. The ability to take up and release water vapour regulates the air humidity and therefore also ensures a pleasant indoor climate. This means that Liapor is also the optimum solution for special applications.

The advantages of Liapor's material:

  • Natural ceramic material that is perfect for use
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Manufactured in a closed production cycle with no waste
  • Weather-resistant (frost and heat)
  • Low bulk density, simple handling, durable
  • Trouble-free, ecological recycling
  • During production, a small amount of clay yields a large quantity of material (1 m3 clay = 5 m3 Liapor)

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