Liapor Compact

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The newly developed Liapor Compact stands out as a compact, economical solution. This solid Liapor masonry block possesses only a small number of recesses and therefore has a high proportion of expanded clay.

Protection against cold, heat and noise

When expanded clay spheres and cement are combined in a no-fines structure then the expanded clay and air-filled chambers hinder the flow of heat. That is why Liapor Compact is able to achieve such good insulating values. However, expanded clay not only prevents the flow of heat, it also stores it: In this way, the solid Liapor Compact material ensures that buildings are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Like all other Liapor masonry blocks, Liapor Compact blocks our irritating noise. This acoustic protection further enhances the already high-quality indoor atmosphere of solid-wall houses built using Liapor materials.

Cost-effective building

As the name Liapor Compact suggests, this block is extremely compact and robust and this fact simplifies the manufacturing process. Liapor Compact is therefore a masonry block that offers extremely good value for money. The solid, compact block, which has an exceptionally high expanded clay content, combines an extremely robust, solid construction approach with long-lasting value and exceptional environmental responsibility. The small number of recesses and the thick ridges give this Liapor masonry block its outstanding stability.

Uniform joins

For builders constructing a wall using hand tools, the precise dimensions of this block ensure that the joins are all of the same thickness. The low mortar requirement and low absorbency of the material make Liapor Compact easy and efficient to use and simplify plastering. The mineral material offers a high level of fire protection, can be drilled, sawn and ground without difficulty and holds nails and dowels firmly in place.


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Liapor Compact

Build economically, live comfortably

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