Liapor Super-K-Plus-Plan

Homogeneous for even better results

Liapor Super-K-Plus is also available as a flat-block variant. Although Super-K-Plus-Plan is also derived from the proven Liapor-Super-K, it also possesses all the advantages of a surface-ground masonry block.

Warm and quiet

Although Liapor Super-K-Plus is based on the tried-and-tested principle of Liapor Super-K, it has significantly better thermal insulating properties. The flat-block variant also achieves the low thermal conductivity value of 0.11 W/(m K). The outstanding thermal insulating properties are due, on the one hand, to the highly regarded combination of Liapor expanded clay and cement and, on the other, to the redesigned recess profile. The particularly narrow, offset, air-filled recesses greatly improve insulating performance. They simultaneously provide effective protection against noise.

Uniform masonry work

The single-skin solid construction method made possible by Liapor Super-K-Plus-Plan also ensures cost-effectiveness, long-lasting value and rapid progress during construction. The flat-block variant cuts construction times since the thin-bed mortar solution and tongue-in-groove interlocking butt-joints streamline the wall-building process. The thin-bed mortar is optimized for use with the blocks and permits joins of a thickness of only two millimetres. The result is a homogeneous wall that reduces the risk of thermal bridges and consequently the formation of cracks in the plaster. Houses built with Liapor Super-K-Plus-Plan give their occupants a particularly pleasant and peaceful interior atmosphere. Building authority approval for Liapor Super-K-Plus-Plan has already been applied for.


Liapor SL-Plus

Ideal protection against wind and weather

Liapor SL-Plan

The solid block with integrated thermal insulation

Liapor Super-K-Plus-Plan

The high-strength flat block with added thermal resistance

Liapor Compact

Build economically, live comfortably

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