Industrial building with outstanding indoor comfort


Liapor SL Plus masonry blocks

Approximately 148 cubic metres of Liapor SL Plus masonry blocks of thickness 30 centimetres and strength class 4 were used during construction. This block has a peak thermal conductivity value of Lambda = 0.08 W/(mK) and a heat transfer coefficient U of 0.20 W/(m²K) even at a block thickness of 36.5 centimetres. This means that SL-Plus is superbly suited for the KfW efficiency house 55 standard (formerly KfW 40) and for the construction of buildings that comply with the passive house standard.

Construction data

Client: Nachreiner GmbH, Balingen
Architecture: Architekturbüro Hülle2, Balingen
Block manufacturer: Schotter- und Betonwerk Knobel GmbH & Co. KG, Albstatt