Church made from lightweight concrete


Church in Graz

First solid, monolithic church built from lightweight concrete in Graz: four semicircles arranged at right angles to one another form a symmetrical ground plan with a surface area of approximately 400 square metres. The monolithic system chosen for the vertical walls permitted a total thickness of 45 centimetres and consequently a U value of 0.2. The domes of the church building were cast as prefabricated structures with a total volume of up to 35 m³. The employed Liapor lightweight concrete possesses a bulk density of under 800 kg/m³, thus considerably reducing the weight and making the prefabricated parts suitable for road transport. 450 m³ of lightweight concrete were needed to manufacture the external parts.

Construction data

Client: Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X in Jaidhof/Lower Austria
Realization: Romberger from Gurten/Upper Austria