Volkswagen Arena made from high-density lightweight concrete


Volkswagen Arena, Wolfsburg

Arena with prefabricated elements at the top and bottom ends of the upper stand: high-density Liapor lightweight concrete LC 25/28 D 1.6 made from CEM I 42.5 R and fly ash, Liapor CS 4-8 650, Liapor CS 1-4 500, Liapor CS 0-1 K and polycarboxylate ether. The lower H-shaped elements for the stadium walkways and the press box have dimensions of up to 9.5 x 2 x 1.5 metres. The upper T-shaped elements measure up to 9 x 4 x 1 metres and form the end wall of the stand. The wall thickness is between 12 and 15 centimetres. Exposed concrete quality was required for all the surfaces except for the support surfaces. To reduce the dynamic loads at the stand supports, for example during pop concerts, the individual loads at the cantilevers had to be kept as low as possible. The high demands placed on the surface quality and the high level of reinforcement present in the sometimes very slender prefabricated elements demanded a lightweight concrete formulation that respected applicable standards while nevertheless being practically self-compacting.

Construction data

Client: Wolfsburg AG, Wolfsburg
Planner: HPP Hentrich-Petschnigg & Partner KG, Düsseldorf
Planning of supporting structure: BOW Ingenieure, Braunschweig
Realization: Köster AG & Co., Osnabrück
LC prefabricated parts: Lias Vintírov, Lehky stavební material, k.s, CR-Vintírov