Heat-insulating, compression-resistant substructure


Orafol foil factory, Oranienburg

4,000 m3 of loose Liapor 3 fill (4/8 mm): The Liapor fill was used as a heat-insulating, compression-resistant substructure below a steel fibre-reinforced industrial screed subject to high loads. A total area of 35,000 m2 was created for production and storage halls together with adjoining staff facilities. A film is overlaid on the base course to protect against damp. The Liapor fill was directly tipped into place and air-injected, spread using a wheel loader and then levelled over to the required heights of between 10 and 15 centimetres. To make it possible to work on the fill without sinking into it, a film was applied as separating layer and reinforcing wire mesh. The screed was poured directly on this substrate. The Liapor fill was chosen for its fast, uncomplicated, cost-effective application as well as its excellent load-bearing and heat insulating properties (λ value of 0.10 W/(mK)).

Construction data

Client: Orafol Klebetechnik GmbH, Oranienburg
Planner: Hagebusch Architekten, Berlin
Realization: Silidur Industrieböden GmbH, Stolberg (Rheinland)