Floor renovation with dual Liapor fill


Schlosshotel Herrenchiemsee

Approximately 270 m³ of Liapor fill of grain group 4/8, applied via hoses run from silo wagons. Due to the high level of the areas of application and the sloping substrate, the fill heights were between 50 and 110 centimetres. This Liapor fill, which takes the form of spherical pellets, is practically self-compacting and ensures a uniform, stable distribution, including below and between the installations. The loose Liapor fill is covered by a cement-bonded Liapor fill. This combination formed a safe, stable substrate for all the subsequent floor structures.

Construction data

Client: Freistaat Bayern
Planning: Staatliches Bauamt Rosenheim
Construction supervision: Hans-Jürgen Taub von Taub Architekten in Munich