Road building


Bulk material for optimum stability

As lightweight, non-deformable poured fills, backfills or ground replacements for compromised subsoils, Liapor's geofills provide optimum stability and durability. Depending on the application, Liapor's geofills are either applied uncompacted (acting as a virtually self-compacting material) or are applied in individually compacted layers. In both cases, the granular bodies present in the material exhibit a high load-bearing capacity.

Minimized bearing loads

Compare to conventional subsoils, Liapor's geofills reduce settlement and earth pressure by a factor of 2 to 3 and consequently increase the stability of foundations and constructions. Liapor's expanded clay fill owes its exceptional construction properties to the low dry bulk density of 0.3 t/m³ or more coupled with the relatively high rigidity of the clay grain which results from the uniform, fine structure of the pores within the clay granules. As a natural building material, this Liapor product is also insensitive to water, frost and fire.

Thermal insulation combined with moisture regulation

These capabilities are complemented by the moisture-regulating effect of Liapor expanded clay which can absorb and then release humidity as required, without this causing any settlement or swelling. At the same time, Liapor reduces heat loss, while simultaneously storing heat. These properties make Liapor ideal not only for applications in the road building sector, for example, but also for the backfilling of foundations, external walls in contact with the soil, and excavated sites. Here, the stable structure of the expanded clay granules not only provides drainage and helps to prevent moisture-related damage to the construction but also ensures effective thermal insulation.

Bulk material for efficient application

Liapor geofills can be delivered quickly and easily in bulk form by silo wagon and can be air-injected directly into the area of application from a distance of up to 200 metres. If the constraints of the building site mean that the granular material cannot escape to the sides, then it is possible to choose a self-compacting variant of the Liapor geofill that is applied on-site without any additional agitators or compacting equipment and independently reaches its optimum poured density. In this way, narrow cracks can be filled as reliably and durably as cavities, conduits, pipework or other installations. In the case of large-area fills, for example in the field of road construction, the geofills can be delivered without difficulty ready for on-site compaction, individually tailored in the light of the handling time and progress of the work.

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