Roof planting

Intensive roof planting

A garden on the roof

A roof garden – is ecology in practice: It gives back to nature what was taken away during construction, relieves the drainage systems by storing rainwater and has a positive impact on the local microclimate. A roof garden fulfils both economic and social functions. Protected against extreme weather conditions, the roof seals last for longer. In work environments, a roof garden can improve communication and motivation while, in a hospital setting, it can speed the process of convalescence.

Also suitable for larger bushes

To put roof areas to a natural use, intensive landscaping with Liadrain® is highly recommended. This product is particularly suitable for more demanding, ground-covering plants and low-growing shrubs. Compared to extensive planting, this type of "green roof" offers an even higher level of rainwater retention. Intensive roof landscaping involves roof gardens with shrubs, roses, small bushes and – if the soil is distributed appropriately – even medium-sized and larger bushes. This type of planting therefore requires intensive care and regular irrigation.

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