Insulating concrete

What is 'no-fines lightweight concrete'?

Convincing performance with respect to ecology and strength

Liapor lightweight concrete can be supplied in two variants: as structural and as no-fines lightweight concrete. The specific structures and properties of these two lightweight concrete variants make them ideal for very different types of building project.

Low rigidity

The difference between no-fines and structural lightweight concrete lies in the numerous voids present in the former. These voids occur between the Liapor expanded clay spheres. These are unfilled or only partially filled by cement slurry. No-fines lightweight concrete possesses a cemented particulate structure made up of material with a particularly low bulk density and a minimum of 10 percent compaction voids.

Enhanced cost-effectiveness

Just like normal concrete, lightweight concrete can be waterproofed and can be strengthened through the use frost-resistant lightweight additives. In addition, no-fines lightweight concrete needs far fewer binding agents than structural lightweight concrete. It is therefore ideal for levelling and gradient layers that may only have a low weight but must nevertheless possess the required strength. The low material consumption simultaneously increases cost-effectiveness.

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