Efficient and effective

As a cement-bonded, purely mineral expanded clay fill, Liapor Fundatherm provides the perfect insulation for any building foundation – while also excelling thanks to its efficient application and speed of use. As a natural, ecologically sustainable building material, Liapor Fundatherm is made from only cement, water and Liapor expanded clay. This special mix with a thermal conductivity value of 0.13 W/(mK) provides monolithic insulation underneath the foundation or base plate and provides effective protection against cold, frost and damp, while also providing acoustic insulation. With a bulk density of ~ 500 kg/m³, Liapor Fundatherm is not only particularly lightweight but also simultaneously offers a high compressive strength of more than 1 N/mm² and equalizes compressive forces in the foundation during the entire lifetime of the building. This fire-resistant material is also resistant to pests.

Finished in a single day

The bulk material is delivered to the building site by hopper truck or dumper truck and is mixed on-site. It can also be delivered ready-mixed directly in a mixing lorry. The pumpable material can be applied using a mixing head method or with a screed pump. The shuttering can also be used for the base plate, which can be concreted the very next day. Alongside the foundation or base plate insulation, Liapor Fundatherm is suitable for use anywhere where the building is in contact with the ground, for swimming pool backfills, cavity fills or below a screed.

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