Prefabricated parts

What does 'no-fines' mean?

Environmentally friendly and ecological

In the case of no-fines prefabricated elements, the voids between the expanded clay spheres are either not filled at all or are only partially filled by cement slurry. This results in particularly good thermal insulating and heat storage properties – in a lightweight but nevertheless extremely strong building material.

Extremely lightweight

No-fines Liapor prefabricated elements consist of cement slurry and Liapor expanded clay spheres. Voids or gaps remain between these. Unlike the structural dense variant, the voids in the no-fines variant are unfilled or only partially filled with cement slurry. This results in the cemented particulate structure, which has an extremely low weight due to the light expanded clay spheres, the small quantity of cement slurry and the presence of air voids. Despite this, no-fines Liapor prefabricated elements excel thanks to their relatively high strength and can be used for both supporting and non-supporting structures.

Guaranteeing outstanding indoor comfort

In addition, thanks to the many air in and between the expanded clay spheres, Liapor's no-fines prefabricated parts possess particularly good thermal insulation and heat storage properties and also offer outstanding sound insulation characteristics. Thanks to their vapour-permeable structure, these environmentally-friendly, ecologically responsible components also ensure a balanced, healthy indoor climate. What is more, all the components can be worked quickly and easily on-site using conventional tools.

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