Prefabricated parts

What does 'high-density' mean?

Optimum heat storage

In the case of high-density finished parts, all the expanded clay spheres are enclosed in a mortar mix. This structure ensures very high strength combined with outstanding insulating values. Unlike in the no-fines elements, all the Liapor expanded clay spheres in structural components are enclosed in a mortar mix consisting of cement slurry and sand. Compared to normal concrete, the expanded clay spheres present in Liapor prefabricated elements mean that these components have only a low intrinsic weight and are simultaneously able to achieve optimum thermal insulating and heat storage values, while also providing excellent noise protection. Despite this, the surface quality of Liapor prefabricated parts is comparable to that of normal concrete.

Solid yet lightweight

At the same time, the structural design gives these prefabricated parts a particularly solid structure which, thanks to the low modulus of elasticity and thermal expansion, is nevertheless subject to lower restraint stress than normal concrete elements. They also excel due to the many different applications they can be used for and their agreeable, warm surfaces. Last but not least, the low intrinsic weight reduces the effort involved in delivery to the site as well as in assembly work.

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